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Updated: 10.07.2010

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Update to the October 2007 Annual Report
   Updated Appendix A
   Updated Appendix B

October 2007 Annual Report

Complete Report

Appendix A: Tobacco PAC Contributions to Members of Congress (Jan 97-Aug 10, Contributions for Federal Office Only)

Appendix B: Tobacco PAC Donations to Challengers and Former Members (09-10)

Appendix C: Tobacco PAC Contributions to Cosponsors and Non-Cosponsors of Legislation S. 625, Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act During the 110th Congress

Appendix D: Recipients of Tobacco PAC Contributions Among Congressional Leadership PACs, Jan. 99 Aug. 2007 (partial cycle)

Appendix E: Recipients of PAC Money from Tobacco PACs Among Other Non-Party Committees (Jan 99-Aug 07, partial cycle)

Appendix F: Recipients of Tobacco Industry Contributions Among 527 Groups (Aug 00-Aug 06, partial cycle)


Federal Contributions

In October 2007, the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund and Common Cause issued our annual report on tobacco industry political contributions to federal candidates, political parties and political action committees.

The Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund also issues updates on contributions to federal candidates. The latest update details tobacco industry contributions made so far during the 2009-2010 election cycle. So far this election cycle, the tobacco industry has donated nearly one million dollars ($999,077) directly to federal candidates. During the 2007-2008 election cycle, the tobacco industry gave more than $2.0 million in contributions directly to federal candidates.

State Contributions

The National Institute on Money in State Politics tracks contributions to state candidates. The Institute maintains a database of all contributions to state candidates, including contributions from tobacco companies. The Institute's searchable databases are available to the public online, and are searchable by candidate, contributor and industry sector (including tobacco). Tobacco contributions to state candidates can be accessed at The Institute also produces industry-specific reports. In October 2007, the Institute released a report on tobacco industry contributions to state candidates

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